Falcon 2000S

A perfect balance of performance and economy, the Falcon 2000S satisfies all the requirements of a modern business jet at a significantly lower cost. It is an aircraft that is powerful and efficient, with an impressive cabin, offering more aircraft at a cost of operation normally associated with smaller jets. It connects business centers like Paris and Dubai and Beijing, London and Bangor, Shannon and New York.

The airfield performance of the Falcon 2000S is extraordinary, thanks in large part, to its optimized, fully slatted wing, and the benefits can be felt from takeoff to touchdown. Assuring you access to challenging airports with short runways and steep approaches like Lugano or London City.

Type Falcon 2000S
Make Dassault
Category Heavy Jet
Registration HB-JTC
Year of manufacture 2014
Capacity 10
Restroom 1
Speed 820 km/h
Range 6200 km