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Aircrafts under Boutique Aviation’s AOC will be chartered to third partners via our partner Air-Dynamic SA. Air-Dynamic SA has almost 20 years of experience in the management and brokering of aircraft on a global scale, is a leader in the commercial chartering industry for private aviation and is the main operator at Lugano Airport. The core team is made up of international aviation experts and logistics specialists. Air-Dynamic supports the entire process behind making a flight an experience: from aeroplane sales to VIP transfers to the selection of food and drinks and the booking of hotels and travel programmes. And it does all of this as a genuine “boutique service” in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

Air-Dynamic knows the position of every aircraft and its services, enabling it to offer the right package at the right price. The team is always looking for all-inclusive solutions, valuable benefits for customers who purchase hourly packages as well as guarantees for protection in case an aircraft must remain on the ground and cannot carry out its flight.

Fly 7 maintains a fleet of more than 30 Pilatus PC-12s and PC-24s and uses our services exclusively for its Swiss fleet of commercial aircraft. Air Corviglia has its hangars at Samedan Airport and stands for first-class Swiss mountain flying – having clocked up more flight hours with the Pilatus PC-12 than any other provider.

With the full service package, you simply book the aircraft and we will do the rest: authorisations, car transfers, hotel accommodation, VIP service, assistance for wheelchair users, yacht trips and more concierge services. We are always up to date with legal requirements and know whether a flight can be performed and what is required in each country. For PC-12 and helicopter transfers, we know the necessary customs stops and who we have to talk to at which landing sites for last-minute authorisations – including on private properties.

The sale of private jets and helicopters is a complex matter and there are countless points of contact required when serving a customer. As such, it is important to work with experienced experts in the field. Due to Covid-19, there are many new regulations in place concerning international borders. It is therefore essential to have the right papers and to know which rules apply in which country (with rules potentially changing on a daily basis).