Unser Team Schweiz

Torsten Geck

Founder Compliance Monitoring and Safety Manager
torsten.geck@boutique-aviation.com Being an airline captain and aviation consultant for many years prepared me for a project with the size of Boutique Aviation. I am proud to be part of the team.

Cedric Gitchenko

Member of the Board Business Development
cedric.gitchenko@boutique-aviation.com Director Flight Operations & Training for companies such as REGA, ExecuJet. Luxaviation, Jet Aviation and now Boutique Aviation, active professional business aircraft and test pilot, president of the Swiss Independent Pilot Association. Founder and CEO of g-unlimited. COMMON SENSE, DO IT! 

Christian Moelleney

Founder Managing Director
christian.moelleney@boutique-aviation.com An aviator without compromise. Co-founded this company to combine bespoke client handling with large-scale business aviation knowledge paired with common sense. Handled the customer operation and aircraft management product for one of the largest business jet companies.

Raffaella Meledandri

Deputy Accountable Manager Head of Charter Sales Manager
raffaella.meledandri@boutique-aviation.com After years of working with the most demanding HNWI, I have learned that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE except controlling God's weather. I love my job, and I am a notorious problem solver.

Darragh Wynne

Finance Manager Europe
darragh.wynne@boutique-aviation.com For most of my career I have been involved with all aspects of aviation finance and private operations. Bringing together my varied experience with that of others, it has been a great pleasure to join the Boutique team to aid them in bringing their vision to light.

Michael Downes

NP Flight Operations and Crew Training Europe
michael.downes@boutique-aviation.com I've been fortunate to follow my love of aviation across continents and cultures while seeking like-minded professionals to take on the ever-changing landscape of this dynamic industry. It's my pleasure to keep up with the fast-paced aviation world for you as our client and enable you to get the most out of your asset.

Florentina Dina

Aircraft Management
florentina.dina@boutique-aviation.com I love to walk around the airport and watch the airplanes taking off and landing at sunset, while my cell phone is on flight mode. I am grateful and proud to be part of the Boutique Aviation family.

Simon Jäger

Deputy NP Ground Operations Security and Handling Manager & Lead Pilot
simon.jaeger@boutique-aviation.com Now, 20 years ago, I'm looking back on many aviation experiences as a private pilot, commercial pilot, flight instructor and air traffic controller. Aviation is not my profession; it is my passion.

Zane Berzina

Flight Operations Admin
zane.berzina@boutique-aviation.com I go the extra mile for clients and peers. Have several years of experience in PR, Marketing and Media. I find joy at work and believe there is no happiness except realizing that we have accomplished something personally and for others.

Patrick Martin

Deputy Safety Manager
patrick.martin@boutique-aviation.com Aviation grew as a passion making me see beyond my natural horizon. There is no routine operating those magnificent machines, just the pleasure of gathering new experiences and meeting great people across the globe. Aviation as a passion, Safety as an attitude.

Kerstin Mumenthaler

Safety Manager
kerstin.mumenthaler@boutique-aviation.com Being a pilot is my vocation, safety is my passion. Flying has fascinated me since my early childhood. The breathtaking mix of technology, nature and all aspects of the human factor excites me just as much as the constant expansion of horizons. I am very happy to be part of the exciting Boutique Journey and working together with such a great team.

Sebastian Coll Schmidt

Ground Operations
sebastian.collschmidt@boutique-aviation.com I was born into aviation. Under the age of 5, I got to fly a few times in the cockpit on a jump seat of a DC10. There is no way out from aviation after that. The ground staff is called "penguins”. Penguins are birds that can't fly. I'm proud and honoured to perusing my penguin career from the ground (OPS) and look up to the sky.

Christoph Stucke

Deputy NP Continuing Airworthiness
christoph.stucke@boutique-aviation.com Whether in the air or on private ground, airplanes have inspired and accompanied me for decades. The fascinating world of modern aviation in all its diversity makes me soar. Kerosene is an integral part of my blood.

Patrick Sutter

Deputy Compliance Monitoring Safety Manager
patrick.sutter@boutique-aviation.com Spending my first ten years sleeping on the floor of a VC10 and DC8 across the Atlantic gave me a passion for aviation. Helping a friend out realizing the Boutique dream is one of my motivations. But at the end of the day, it's all a question of attitude.

Unser Team Österreich

Christian Theuermann

Managing Director Boutique Aviation GmbH
christian.theuermann@boutique-aviation.com Aviation is one of the most exciting fields of activity for me - varied, spectacular, multicultural, motivating, agile and much more - only the sky is the limit. I always want to go higher, further and beyond and with the great Boutique Aviation Team we are the best choice for customers with the highest quality standards.

Madalina Rusu

Finance Manager Boutique Aviation GmbH
madalina.rusu@boutique-aviation.com I started working in aviation almost 20 years ago. I believe I will never be able to leave aviation behind. Aviation is what I know and aviation made me the person I am today and not only professionally, but also personally. Being exposed to such a diverse environment gives you the feeling of belonging. We are part of something great.

Jörg Sabitzer

Accountable Manager Boutique Aviation GmbH
joerg.sabitzer@boutique-aviation.com Characterized by more than two decades of vast experience in the aviation industry and its diverse range of tasks. Quite clear, entirely addicted to aviation business.

Yasmin Ewis

Office Manager Boutique Aviation GmbH